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NLR - Water From The Sky


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by Michael Reynolds

The volume of water on this planet is finite while human population continues to swell. As groundwater aquifers are drained or contaminated by pollutants or salt water, we move steadily towards serious water shortages in the future. Many parts of our planet, including parts of the USA, are already experiencing water shortages. Water from the Sky takes its readers from problem to solution, showing how it is possible--even in the desert--for a home to collect it's water from the sky, use it wisely, and downcycle the wastewater to new uses and treatment through living filter systems. The result is a veritable Garden of Eden on a meager supply of water. Step-by-step, author Michael Reynolds outlines how to solve the problem of water shortages through catching, storing, using, reusing and treating water.

Water from the Sky is a significant expansion on water collection and treatment systems introduced in Reynold's Earthship books. The first part of the book delves into refinements of water catchment systems for Earthship homes, though the information could easily be applied to more conventional construction as well. Reynolds also expands on options for cisterns and proper filtering prior to use.

The book also covers "botanical cells," which are designed to both utilize and purify greywater for indoor and outdoor gardens and lawns. The cleansed water can be used for additional irrigating with a hose, or routed back for use in flushing a toilet. Although Reynold's largely favors composting toilets, he also shows how "blackwater" from a toilet can be cleansed and safely utilized through plant rock filters. These are cutting edge technologies in household greywater treatment, and Reynolds has presented the material in an accessible format for the do-it-yourself home builder. Solar Survival Press. 2005.

Pages: 204

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