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"The Homestead" Off-Grid Solar PV Kit

"The Homestead" Off-Grid Solar PV Kit


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For the modern homesteader who wants to live comfortably off the grid.

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"The Homestead" Complete Off-Grid Solar PV Kit

Looking to cut ties with the grid full-time, and without sacrificing the comforts of modern-day life? Our Homestead Off-Grid Solar PV Kit has the power required for you and your family to live comfortably off the grid. This kit contains everything you need to set up a 7kW off-grid solar PV system. A charge-controlled 48-volt deep-cycle battery bank with 36.9 kWh (770 amp-hours) of battery storage ensures you'll have power when you arrive, and dual 4400W pure sine wave inverters with 120- and 240-volt output give you options to power a huge variety of AC loads including power tools and laundry machines. This kit includes all cables, breakers, and junction boxes needed for a complete system installation, and even includes the components needed to integrate a backup generator into the system (backup generator not included).

Questions about this kit or how to install it? Contact our Tech Desk.

"The Homestead" Off-Grid Solar PV Kit Includes:

  • 24x REC 295W solar PV modules
  • 2x Magnum 4400W pure sine wave inverters with 120VAC and 240VAC output
  • 1x Magnum router for programming and monitoring all inverters
  • 1x Magnum automatic generator control unit
  • 16x US Battery 6V, 385Ah deep-cycle L-16 batteries
  • 1x Magnum battery monitor kit with shunt
  • 2x MidNite Solar MPPT 79A charge controllers
  • 6x MidNite Solar 15A breakers
  • 2x MidNite Solar 30A breakers
  • 2x MidNite Solar 63A breakers
  • 2x MidNite Solar 80A breakers
  • 2x 115V surge protectors
  • 6x 30-foot MC4 solar panel cables
  • 18x 2/0 AWG battery cables
  • 1x MidNite Solar combiner box
  • 1x Magnum Mini Panel enclosure with 175A DC breaker and 2x 30A AC breakers, plus extension box

Battery Storage Upgrade Options:

Want more storage? Upgrade to one of the following battery packages that will add to the base 36.9 kWh of storage:

Trojan L-16 Battery Upgrade: $850
  • 16 Trojan L-16 flooded lead acid batteries for an additional 35.5 kWh at 48V

    Trojan L16 battery upgrade kit

  • 18 kWh of storage (50% d.o.d @ 20hr rate)
  • Trojan's legendary quality
  • Smart Carbon Technology specifically developed to help mitigate the stress of partial state of charge on batteries
  • 2-year limited warranty
SimpliPhi Lithium Battery Upgrade: $32,000
  • 10 SimpliPhi Smart-Tech lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for an additional 35 kWh at 48V

    SimpliPhi lithium-ion battery upgrade kit

  • 10,000 cycles at 80% d.o.d.
  • Lighter and 2.5x more energy dense than lead acid batteries
  • Superior charge and discharge rate
  • Excellent partial state of charge tolerance
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easily scaled (expandable)
  • 10-year warranty

See "Specifications" tab for detailed technical specs. Actual price of kit may vary from quoted price above depending on the specific kit components best suited for your needs.

Solar Panel Specs (each)*

  • 65.9" H x 39.25" W x 1.5" D
  • 40.8 lbs
  • MC4 connectors
  • 60 polycrystalline cells
  • Peak efficiency: 17.7%
  • Nominal power: 295W
  • Tolerance: +0-5W
  • Open circuit voltage: 39V
  • Short circuit current: 9.76A
  • Maximum system voltage: 1000V
  • Manufacturer: REC Solar
  • Model number: REC295TP2
  • Kit contains: 24

*Exact solar panels and specs used in your kit may vary slightly from what is listed here

Inverter Specs (each)

  • 13.75" L x 12.65" W x 8" H
  • 55 lbs
  • Input voltage: 36-64VDC
  • Continuous power: 4400W
  • Surge rating: 8500W
  • Output waveform: pure sine wave
  • Output voltage: 120/240VAC split phase ±5%
  • Battery charging output: 60A
  • Peak efficiency: 94%
  • Charger efficiency: 85%
  • Manufacturer: Magnum Energy
  • Model number: MS4448PAE
  • Kit contains: 2

Charge Controller Specs (each)

  • 14.9" H x 6" W x 4" D
  • 12 lbs
  • Typical efficiency: 98%
  • System voltage: 12-72V
  • Maximum battery charging current: 79A
  • Battery voltage range: 10-100V
  • Maximum open circuit voltage: 200V
  • Manufacturer: MidNite Solar
  • Model number: Classic 200
  • Kit contains: 2

Battery Specs (each)

  • 11.875" L x 7.125" W x 16.75" H
  • 113 lbs
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Capacity: 2.31 kWh (385 Ah @20-hour rate, 428 Ah @100-hour rate)
  • Terminals: Large "L"
  • Exterior: Polypropylene
  • Manufacturer: US Battery
  • Model number: US L16 XC2
  • Kit contains: 16

Battery Specs (each) for Trojan L-16 Battery Upgrade

  • 11.67" L x 6.95" W x 17.56" H
  • 118 lbs
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Capacity: 2.22 kWh (370 Ah @20-hour rate, 410 Ah @100-hour rate)
  • Terminals: L-Terminal (LT)
  • Exterior: Polyon™ polypropylene
  • Manufacturer: Trojan Battery
  • Model number: L16RE-B
  • Optional battery upgrade contains: 16

Battery Specs (each) for SimpliPhi Lithium Battery Upgrade

  • 13½" x 14" x 8"
  • 77.5 lbs
  • Nominal voltage: 48VDC
  • Voltage range: 40 - 57.6VDC
  • Energy: 3.5 kWh
  • Capacity: 69 Ah
  • Max discharge current: 60A (10 minutes)
  • Max continuous charge/discharge current: 34A
  • Cell type: lithium ferrous phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Usable depth of discharge: up to 100%
  • Self-discharge rate: less than 1% per month
  • Cycle life: 10,000+ (@ 80% DoD)
  • Manufacturer: SimpliPhi Power
  • Model number: PHI3.5
  • Optional battery upgrade contains: 10

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