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SunHawk Farms Lavender Olive Oil Soap


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Collaborative California-made soap that uses SunHawk Farms' organic ingredients and Sapothecary's soap making expertise and eco-friendly process.

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SunHawk Farms Lavender Olive Oil Soap

A certified pure organic olive oil soap handcrafted from the finest botanical ingredients found in Mendocino County, California. This long-lasting bar creates a rich, foaming lather that rinses easily for an indulgent bathing experience. The cold-process method used to make SunHawk Farms Lavender Olive Oil Soap allows the bar to retain its vegetable glycerin, a natural moisturizer that makes lotion after bathing unnecessary. Scented with steam-distilled lavender hydrosol that stirs the imagination and calms the emotions.

To make this soap, Hopland's SunHawk Farms provides lavender oil and lavender hydrosol to artisanal soap maker Sapothecary, who uses it to enhance their traditional soap recipe. Sapothecary is just up the road in Ukiah, California and specializes in olive oil soaps.

SunHawk Farms Lavender Olive Oil Soap Ingredients

  • Biodynamic and organically grown olive oil
  • Biodynamic and organically grown lavender essential oil
  • Biodynamic and organically grown lavender hydrosol
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Organic shea butter
  • GMO-free Vitamin E

No synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens, environmentally destructive palm oil, or phthalates are used. All oils are saponified with a NaOH solution.

SunHawk Farms Lavender Olive Oil Soap Testimonials

"Thank you SunHawk Farms and John for such prompt service and wonderful products. The essential oils, hydrosols, and soaps are to be stocking stuffers for family and gifts for friends. I'm looking forward to trying your wine next!"
- Patty Nairn

How SunHawk Farms Lavender Olive Oil Soap is Made

Sapothecary makes its olive oil based soaps using the cold-process method, in which the pure organic vegetable oils are saponified (transformed into soap) at low temperatures. Saponification is the process of combining the vegetable oils with a strong base (similar to very strong baking soda) in the correct proportions to form cleansing properties and moisturizing glycerin.

In the cold-process method the vegetable oil blend (in this case organic extra virgin olive oil and SunHawk Farms' lavender oil) is warmed to just above room temperature, then mixed with the base and water to start the saponification. The mixture is stirred constantly and slowly thickens as the oil and base combine to form soap. This gentle method preserves many of the beneficial properties of the organic plant oils and also creates and retains, as a byproduct of the soap reaction, vegetable glycerin (a rich moisturizer used in many lotions). While the soap base is still liquid, SunHawk Farms' lavender hydrosol is blended in, then the mixture is poured into wooden molds where it is covered with blankets and slowly cures.

At just the right moment of firmness, the Sapothecary soap maker uncovers the molds, flips the loaves out onto smooth tables, and pushes the soap through a series of guitar string cutters to slice it into bars. The bars are then put onto racks where they cure and harden, a process that takes from four to six weeks depending on the particular blend and size. This allows moisture left over from the soap making process to evaporate, creating a firm bar that will stand up to many uses while still lathering easily and rinsing clean.

During the curing process, the bars are removed from the racks and hand-stamped with a hammer and brass stamp.

Sapothecary's Eco-Friendly Soap Making Practices

  • Using organic and all natural ingredients
    Sapothecary uses only certified organic extra virgin olive oil, certified organic coconut oil, and certified organic palm oil (from reforestation projects on degraded land in Brazil, not clear cut primary forest in Indonesia). We use only pure essential oils, steam-distilled or cold pressed from botanical materials, to scent our soaps. We use organic herbs, spices, and natural clays for our colors and additives.
  • Creating green packaging
    Sapothecary's goal is to package its products in the most sustainable way possible. Our 3.5 oz bars come in paperboard boxes that are made from 100% post consumer recycled material and fully recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Greening our production system
    At the beginning, each of our soap molds had to be lined with a fresh plastic sheet to prevent the fresh liquid soap from sticking to the wooden surface. We switched from virgin plastic to recycled plastic and are looking at reusable rigid sheet linings or non-stick mold surfaces.
  • Adopting the Natural Step Framework for Long Term Sustainability
    The Natural Step is an internationally recognized framework, created by a large group of collaborating scientists and policymakers, which distills complex physical and ecological laws into a simple set of conditions which must be fulfilled to create a truly sustainable human economy.

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    • Heavenly Nourishment9/18/2017

    By Abigail

    I was given two bars of the lavender soap and now I want nothing else to clean my body with. Lavender is my favorite scent- couple that with the extremely nourishing nature of the soap- the way my skin smiles after it is gently but thoroughly washed with it and I'm addicted! I cannot wait to get my hands on more!!

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