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Solar & Renewable Energy

Since 1978, Real Goods has been providing reliable renewable energy systems for off-grid, grid-tied, remote, and adverse conditions. No utility power? No problem! No generator fuel? No problem! No easy access to the site? No problem!

Our renewable energy systems provide on-grid or off-grid power solutions at any scale. Whether you need portable power for a night of camping, a small solar array for a cabin or water pump, or a full renewable energy system with battery backup for complete self-sufficiency off the grid, we're masters at putting together custom power systems to meet individual needs, climates, and sites. Browse renewable energy system components below or give our experienced technical staff a call at the Tech Desk (800-919-2400) for additional assistance.

"Sunlight, wind, and falling water are the renewable energy Big Three. These are energy sources that are commonly available at a reasonable cost and complement each other seasonally in many cases. Solar, or sunlight, is the single most common and most accessible renewable energy source."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 3: Sunshine to Electricity