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Linear Current Boosters

A linear current booster (LCB) is nearly a necessity for solar-direct water pumping systems. A linear current booster converts excess solar PV voltage into extra amperage when the solar panels aren't producing enough current for the pump they're connected to. LCBs will boost water delivery in most solar-direct systems by 20% or more, and we usually recommend a properly-sized one with every system. It's well worth the small additional investment, especially since - with solar-direct pumping - you're saving money by not buying batteries.

A linear current booster will help get a solar-direct pump running earlier in the morning, keep it running later in the evening, and can even keep it running on hazy or cloudy days. The pump will run more slowly than if it had full power, but if it's running at all, it's delivering water.

"At 8.3 pounds per gallon, it takes a lot of energy to move water uphill. Anything we can do to wring a little more work out of every last watt of energy is going to make the system less expensive initially."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 7: Water Development

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