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Solar Water Pumps

If you need to move water, solar powered water pumps are the most efficient option. A solar water pump system is about as straightforward as it gets. With this setup - also known as solar-direct - a solar panel is wired directly to a solar powered water pump. No batteries. No inverter. Just a simple water pumping system that moves water when the sun is shining, which is often when it's most needed. And with a linear current booster (LCB), you can squeeze even more efficiency out of a solar pump.

Solar water pumps are frequently used for agriculture, livestock, ponds, and accessing well water. For help choosing a solar water pump or sizing a solar water pump system, call our Tech Desk at 800-919-2400 or fill out our Water Supply Questionnaire. Or for more information on solar pumping, read an extended excerpt from the 14th Edition Solar Living Sourcebook on solar water pumping.

"When we avoid batteries and deliver the energy directly to the pump, 20%-25% more water gets pumped. This kind of system is ideal when the water is being pumped into a large storage tank or is being used immediately for irrigation. It also saves the initial cost of the batteries."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 7: Water Development