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Solar Panel Racking Hardware

IronRidge XR Rails secure your solar panels to your chosen roof mounting or ground mounting system. XR Rails are compatible with all PV modules and come in three types. Follow these steps (and reference this system diagram) to ensure you get everything you need to rack and mount your solar panels:

  1. Choose your IronRidge XR Rail type:
    • XR10 reaches spans of up to 6' and handles snow loads of up to 30 pounds per square foot (PSF). It's a sleek, low-profile mounting rail best suited for regions with little snow accumulation.
    • XR100 reaches spans of up to 8' and handles snow loads up to 70 PSF. It has a good balance of span length and load bearing, and is a good choice for most residential PV systems.
    • XR1000 reaches spans of up to 12' and handles snow loads up to 90 PSF. It's built to handle extreme climates and is typically recommended for commercial solar arrays.

    All XR Rails are long enough that they must be shipped by LTL freight. Because of this, the shipping cost for a few dozen rails isn't much more than it is for just a few rails. So it's better to order one or two extra rails than to be one or two short and have to place a separate order later!

  2. Once you've chosen between the XR10, XR100, and XR1000, use the chart on this page to calculate how much length you'll need. XR Rail Bonded Splices join individual XR Rails together to create longer rail lengths.

  3. IronRidge's Universal Fastening Objects (UFOs) are used as mid-clamps between modules on a rail and - when used in conjunction with Stopper Sleeves - also function as end clamps.

  4. All that's left is Low-Profile Grounding Lugs (you'll need 1 per row of solar panels), End Caps to seal your rail lengths, and Wire Clips to keep your wiring tight and organized.

  5. Then it's on to the hardware for either a roof mounted installation or a ground mounted installation.

How Much XR Rail Do You Need?

  1. Add PV module widths.
  2. Add the widths of UFOs (Universal Fastening Objects) between modules.
  3. Add allowances for UFOs and Stopper Sleeves on both ends of the rail.


Depending on the location of the UFOs, the clearance value will differ.

Location UFO
Mid Clamp 0.375"
End Camp 1.0"

For Example:

To mount 5 modules that are each 40" wide, the row length is calculated as such:

Step UFO
1. Add module widths 5 x 40" = 200"
2. Add width of mid clamps between modules 4 x 0.375" = 1.5"
3. Add allowances for end clamps 2 x 1" = 2"
Total length of row 203.5" (16.96')

In this example, two 17' rails would be required to mount this row of 5 modules.

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