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Ground Mounting Hardware

The IronRidge Ground Mount System scales to support a wide range of PV array sizes and terrain challenges. This ground-mounting system consists of IronRidge XR1000 Solar PV Mounting Rail, installer-supplied steel pipe, and the bonding hardware that connects them together for simple, rapid, cost-effective ground mounting.

IronRidge Ground Mount System

IronRidge Ground Mount System diagram

  1. IronRidge XR1000 Rail
  2. IronRidge UFOs as module mid clamps
  3. IronRidge UFOs with Stopper Sleeves as module end clamps
  4. Top Caps and Bonded Rail Connectors for fastening XR1000 Rail to installer-supplied steel pipe or mechanical tubing
  5. Installer-supplied 2" or 3" Schedule 40 steel pipe or mechanical tubing (click here for details)

IronRidge Ground Mount System Components from Real Goods