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Solar Panel Racking & Mounting

PV racking and mounting hardware secures your solar panels to a rooftop or the ground. It's a crucial part of any solar array and must meet or exceed the snow and wind load threshold of the panels themselves. Proper solar panel racking and mounting should also allow for cooling airflow behind the modules.

There was a time when adjustable-tilt and sun-tracking mounts were used to squeeze more power out of your modules. But with advances in PV itself and the low cost-per-Watt solar panels now available, the electrical/mechanical complexity of an advanced racking systems no longer justifies the modest gains in PV production it can offer. An extra module or two on a simple, fixed racking system is a much better investment in the long run!

To Rack & Mount Your Solar PV Array:

  1. Follow our guide to picking out your module racking hardware
  2. Decide whether you will be roof mounting or ground mounting your array and follow our guides to picking out the necessary mounting hardware (only XR1000 Rail can be used for ground-mounted arrays)

"The best year-round angle for your PV modules is approximately equal to your latitude. Changing the tilt angle of your array seasonally as the sun angle changes gives only a minor increase in production and requires a lot of extra work; it's not necessary."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 3: Sunshine to Electricity