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Solar Panels

Whether on or off the grid, using solar panels (sometimes called solar modules) is one of the simplest and cleanest ways to convert the sun's energy into electricity. Real Goods' legacy is directly linked to the practicality and reliability of off-grid solar panels (we sold the first off-grid solar panel in the U.S., after all). We've built off-grid solar PV systems for thousands of customers across the country since 1978, and most are still going strong decades later.

Solar panels are clean, quiet, direct, and incredibly durable, with a maintenance-free lifespan of decades. And solar has declined in price by more than half in just the last 10 years. Real Goods carries a variety of solar panels, but we're most fond of the industry-leading Canadian Solar modules and the made-in-the-USA SolarWorlds.

"Ultimately, almost all energy on Earth comes from the sun. Some is harvested directly by plants, trees, and of course solar panels (also known as photovoltaics). Much is used indirectly in the form of wood, coal, or oil. Solar panels receive this energy directly."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 3: Sunshine to Electricity

Off-Grid and Grid-Tied Solar Panels from Real Goods