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Lithium-Ion Batteries

You've probably heard of lithium-ion batteries catching fire in small devices like phones...well the discovery of lithium iron phosphate (LFP or, technically, LiFePO4) has brought much-needed safety and stability to the lithium battery market. With this safer chemistry and high-quality manufacturing from companies like SimpliPhi and Relion, lithium iron phosphate batteries are becoming widely adopted for off-grid energy storage. Yes, they're more expensive, but consider their benefits:

  • High energy density - a minimum 2.5x that of lead acid batteries
  • Highly efficient so you get out most of what you put in - very little energy is lost as heat
  • Outstanding life expectancy - up to 10,000 cycles
  • No maintenance or memory problems - there's no need to exercise them (periodic discharging and recharging), so they're great for both full-time and intermittent/infrequent applications
  • No additional cost for the sealed format - LFP cells are sealed and can be installed in a living space, and in any orientation

Aside from the initial cost, the major disadvantages of LFP batteries are the same as other batteries - low performance at freezing temperatures, and damage if operated above maximum or below minimum parameters. SimpliPhi has implemented a real-time equalization circuit - the weaker cells are dynamically cared for so they're not over-stressed. This in combination with the solid-state protection circuit makes for highly reliable and effective off-grid energy storage.

Budget approximately $1.20/Wh for small systems, or as little as $1/Wh for large systems.

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"In recent years, battery technology, specifically lithium-ion batteries, has seen increasingly rapid development, spurred by the growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 3: Sunshine to Electricity

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