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Grid-Tied Solar Kits

Our grid-tied solar kits include everything needed to add solar PV power to any home or business connected to the electrical grid. With a grid-tied solar system, your electrical demand will be satisfied first and foremost by your solar panels. When your panels can't meet your demand (at night or during heavy overcast weather), electricity from the grid will be used instead - seamlessly and without the need for you to do anything.

The main components of grid-tied solar kits are the solar panels and the inverter (and in some cases power optimizers as well) - but cables, wiring, and racking for roof-mounted installation are included as well. Since grid-tied PV systems don't utilize deep-cycle solar batteries for solar energy storage, these solar kits are significantly less expensive than our off-grid solar kits. The lack of batteries also simplifies installation; however, installing a grid-tied PV system comes with its own challenges associated with connecting to the grid. As always, we're available to advise and assist on just these kinds of questions - you can reach us at 800-919-2400 or get in touch online with the buttons to the right or below.

Complete Grid-Tied Solar Kits from Real Goods