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Solar Mosquito Guard


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The rechargeable, wearable, DEET-free mosquito repellent.

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Solar Mosquito Guard

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Our Solar Mosquito Guards were one of our very best sellers for decades, and we have been out of them for nearly 10 years - but they have just returned to stock!

When a male mosquito is present, the females won’t bite. Using a built-in solar panel and 1.2-volt rechargeable battery, the Solar Mosquito Guard emits the sound of a male mosquito (harmless to people and pets, and nearly inaudible to the human ear) to effectively repel most types of mosquitoes up to 5 yards away. Extremely lightweight, requiring no batteries, and emitting no smell, the Solar Mosquito Guard is a safe and easy mosquito repellent that will let you ditch the DEET this summer!

The attached key ring lets you fasten it to a belt or wear it around your neck to keep the protection where you are. Lasts up to 60 hours on a single full solar charge! We have dozens of accolades from satisfied customers that the Solar Mosquito Guard really works on many types - though not all types - of mosquitoes.

Solar Mosquito Guard Testimonials

"Yeah! Mosquito guard works better than any spray I have tried. I had one for more than 15 years and left mine in Hawaii last year - so sad!! Now I have a new one!!"
- P. Mitchell, CA

"When I travel up-river in the Amazon, all the natives are slapping mosquitoes at sunset, but not me. My Real Goods Solar Mosquito Guard gives me total protection from those blood-sucking predators! What a tool. I'd never leave home without it!"
- Amazon John Easterling, Amazon Herb Company, Jupiter, FL

"I want to thank you for my great success with your Solar Mosquito Guard. I spent the summer in Vermont and was only plagued by one mosquito bite."
- Elise Harvey, Lansing, MI

"We live in muggy southern Florida where mosquitoes could practically be the state bird. Just by hanging a Solar Mosquito Guard while we work in the garden or do anything outside, especially in the evening, we stay bite-free."
- Joshua and Kaia Tickell, FL

Solar Mosquito Guard Specs

  • 2.05" x 1.14" x 0.32"
  • 0.06 lbs

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    • It works!6/14/2018

    By Connie

    I saw this in the store. I thought: why not?
    I was up at North Lake Tahoe in a mosquito storm.
    I noticed people tried to stand near me. I thought, that is different.
    Then, one woman said mosquitos are not near you.
    In fact, mosquitos stayed 12' away!
    I don't like harsh chemicals yes, I recommend Solar Mosquito Guard.

    • Pregnant female mosquitos hate these7/15/2017

    By Summa Nulla

    The Solar Mosquito Guards work great! Some people say these and other similar gadgets don't work because mosquitoes still land on them. Fear not. The ones that land on you will be non-bloodsucking males. The only mosquitoes that suck blood are pregnant females. The beeep sound emitted by the Solar Mosquito Guard is the same sound male mosquitoes make. Pregnant females avoid males. Therefore they will avoid you if you are wearing one of the Mosquito Guards. (I usually have two attached to me in case one unit should break or run out of electrical charge.) A final note: if you hear a buzzing mosquito in your room, it is a male and will not take a drink from you. Buy several Solar Mosquito Guards. Use them.

    • Can't live without it7/10/2017

    By Renita

    After decades of using the Solar Mosquito Guard, I have to say I could not survive outdoors without it. No amount of any repellent has ever kept them away, save White Flower Oil, which comes with many precautions for strong smell and watery eyes. The Mosquito Guard has traveled with me on rafting trips, to Africa, and my various places I always get bit if I forget to turn it on. Sitting on my porch at sunrise or sunset in the country is serene with my little buddy. I just bought 20 of them to distribute to friends and post around my backyard in San Francisco, as I have a neighbor that breeds mosquitoes, I'm sure of it. They last FOREVER, and I left 2 of them in Africa because I felt so sorry for them (almost everyone in the area had malaria).

    • Works for me! I'm making this my go to summer birthday gift. 7/15/2016

    By Chris

    I am an avid gardener and spend a lot of time outside in the early mornings and in the evenings when the Mosquitos are most active. I live in Boulder, Colorado a little East of town. Generally there are not a lot of Mosquito problems here, but I am surrounded by irrigated fields and lakes. The bugs are bad at my house. This thing works for me. It does generate a very high pitched sound. I put it in my pocket and can hardly hear it. I was forewarned that it might not work on all species of mosquitos, but it does on mine.

    Next test is at high mountain lakes. I'll let you know how that goes.

    • Doesn't work at all for Iowa mosquitoes!6/16/2016

    By James

    I bought several of these years ago. They were supposed to mimic the sound of a dragonfly and chase mosquitoes away. they didn't work well for me then. I was pleased to see these new ones with a different approach because I really like the concept. I purposely hung out in my back yard near the trees in the evening and was delighted to see mosquitoes landing on and biting me! I turned on the device and......the mosquitoes ignored it! I thought maybe it only worked if they weren't already feasting on me so I chased the bugs away and more just landed, still ignoring the solar mosquito repeller. I can't tell if it's on or not. There's no sound I can hear after charging it near a window for 2 days.

    Real Goods response:

    Hi James: We're sorry to hear the Solar Mosquito Guard was not effective for you in Iowa. You may return the item within 30 days if it's in the original packaging and resellable as new.

    You can use FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Once the item is returned, we will issue a refund on the payment card you used originally.

    If you have questions, email us at [email protected] or call 800-919-2400 x472

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