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Solar Living Center Virtual Tour

If you can't make it to the Solar Living Center (SLC) in Hopland, CA to experience the sights of renewable energy at work, the sounds of running water, and smells of native grasses, trees, and flowers for yourself, our new virtual Google Tour is the next best thing. Use the labeled teardrop shapes or the links down the left side to jump to specific points of interest, or take a self-guided virtual tour by clicking and dragging (or clicking the white arrows) on the interactive image below. Best viewed using Google Chrome on large screens.

Warning: Virtual Tour may load slowly

Please note: the Virtual Tour may load slowly depending on your Internet connection.

Where Should I Go in the Virtual Tour?

Wherever you want! We have 12 acres of gardens, ponds, and activities to get lost in (though if you do become lost, just click "360 Aerial Overview" in the upper left or reload this page). Here are some things not to miss:

Grow-Through Car Grove

Observation Beehive

Tumbleweed Tiny House

Aquaponics Display

Bicycle Generators

Real Goods Store


Lavender Labyrinth

(Icons made by Freepik from; licensed by CC 3.0 BY)

Solar Living Center Slideshow Tour

  • Central pond and spiral serpent sculpture
  • Serpent sculpture from across the central pond
  • Cob cabin
  • Trees taking back the land and growing through gas-guzzling cars from the 1950s
  • Central ponds at the Solar Living Center
  • Aquaponics dome
  • Central oasis
  • Solar PV arrays that power the Solar Living Center
  • The Real Goods retail store
  • Bicycle generator
  • Koi in our koi pond

(First four images courtesy of Ashley Kaplan Photography)

Solar Living Center Video Tours

Welcome to the SLC

The Designers' Favorite Features

High-Definition Drone Flyover