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Santerra Green FlushSmart VF 300 Series Vacuum Pedal Flush - 120VAC Single Tank

Santerra Green FlushSmart VF 300 Series Vacuum Pedal Flush - 120VAC Single Tank


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The most advanced AC electric composting toilet system available today can flush uphill, downhill, and around corners up to 70' away!

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Santerra Green FlushSmart VF 300 Series Vacuum Pedal Flush Composting Toilet System - 120VAC Electric Single Tank

The Santerra Green FlushSmart VF Series is the most advanced composting toilet system available today. A sleek, modern-looking ceramic vacuum flush toilet uses as little as ⅕ liter of water per flush to send waste to a remote composting unit up to 70' away. Unlike the Z Series from Santerra Green, the FlushSmart VF Series does not require a gravity drop for the flush, making it ideal for slab-level installations including basements, workshops, and cabins built on rock.

To create the vacuum flush, an included vacuum generator is installed in the drain line, allowing the toilet to flush uphill, downhill, and around corners, and allowing the composting unit to be installed up to 70' away from the bathroom in a separate structure if desired. In addition to creating the vacuum, the vacuum generator also pulverizes waste before it reaches the composting unit to give the composting process a head start for maximum efficiency.

Santerra Green's patented Automatic Six-Way Aeration™ system draws air through the toilet seat area, keeping things odor-free without the need to turn the composter's drum manually.

Installing the FlushSmart VF 300 Series

Installation can usually be completed in just a few hours. The composting unit can be up to 70' away from the toilet in the bathroom. Maximum horizontal distance is 50' from the toilet to the vacuum generator and 20' from the vacuum generator to the composting unit. Since it is usually simplest to install the vacuum generator next to the composting unit in the same enclosure, it's best to think of the maximum horizontal distance between the toilet and composting unit as 50'. Maximum vertical distance (head) is 6' from the toilet to the vacuum generator and 6' from the vacuum generator to the composting unit. When the vacuum generator and composting unit are installed in the same enclosure, the maximum vertical distance (head) between the toilet and the composting unit is 6'.

If the composting unit is installed in a shed or other remote location away from the bathroom, the drain line should be buried below the frost line in cold climates, both to hide it and help work properly during winter use.

While the drain line can include a 90° bend, it is very important not to install any 90° bends in the vent stack.

Santerra Green Composting Toilet System Use and Care

Recommended users for Santerra Green FlushSmart V Series composting toiletsWhen use begins, simply add ½ cup of daily mix or similar additive per user per day to promote the natural composting process, and the system does the rest! The system will need to be emptied 1-2 times per year under normal use (see left for recommended user limits for the FlushSmart VF Series 120VAC Single Tank model under full-time and part-time use; for higher waste handling capacity, select the Double Tank option here). Single-ply or biodegradable toilet paper is recommended. Finished compost can be added to a non-food garden or buried.

Santerra Green FlushSmart VF 300 Series 120VAC Features

  • Reduces and recycles waste into compost
  • Much more cost-effective and eco-friendly than a septic system
  • Clean, sanitary, and odor-free
  • Includes vacuum generator/pulverizer unit to aid flushing and waste breakdown
  • Flushes up, down, and sideways
  • Includes 1 ceramic vacuum pedal flush toilet
  • Low-water - only ⅕ liter per flush
  • No manual drum to turn
  • Dual fans for better aeration
  • Two-position switch
  • 4" non-electric wind turbine ventilator included
  • Installs quickly and easily at the slab level
  • Needs emptying only 1-2 times per year under normal use
  • Easy-to-remove Works-in-a-Drawer™ service module if service is needed
  • Ideal for cottage, cabin, home, or commercial applications
  • 5-year warranty on all internal components
  • Lifetime warranty on body

Santerra Green FlushSmart VF 300 Series 120VAC Single Tank Specs

  • Toilet: 14.87" W x 17.37" H (16.5" to seat) x 18.37" D
  • Composting unit: 25" W x 28½" H x 33" D
  • 40 lbs
  • Color: white
  • Power: 40W - 540W
  • Manufacturer: Santerra Green
  • Model number: 9SGV30AC

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