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The Real Goods Retail Store

The Real Goods retail store at the Solar Living Center

The Original Off-Grid Living Store

Established in 1978, Real Goods was the original "green general store," focused on providing quality products to the budding back-to-the-land movement. In 1996, the current retail store was constructed at the Solar Living Center. At 5000 square feet of straw bale and other natural building materials, the Real Goods Retail Store walks its talk - educating and inspiring beyond its function as a sustainability store and show room. The store itself stands as a sort of landmark to the new age of green architecture, designed by legendary architects Sim Van der Ryn and David Arkin, engineered by the extraordinary Bruce King, and supported by an extended cast of characters that is a virtual Who's Who of prominent local and Bay Area designers, builders, and craftspeople.

The Real Goods Retail Store is passive solar, with straw bale walls covered with PISE (pnuematically impacted stabilized earth) by David Easton. Informed by the best of both practical and cutting edge design philosophies, this building does not seem to be a part of the past, but a window to the future! Situated within a 12-acre permaculture garden, the store and the entire site is a tribute to integrated design, natural beauty, and healthy living.

The Real Goods Retail Store is open Monday-Friday from 9am - 5pm and Saturday from 10am - 5pm PST.

A Return to Local Roots

The Solar Living Center, the retail store and the Real Goods brand were purchased back from RGS Energy in December of 2014. The new, re-localized Real Goods Retail Store is back, focused on being the best place to browse for all things green and sustainable from solar and renewable energy, to energy efficiency, unique gifts and educational toys, a comprehensive sustainable living library, healthy food and snacks, and lots of organic cotton, hemp, and tencel clothing. Come and meet our friendly staff and experience first-hand the Real Goods renaissance!

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