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NLR - Real Goods Micro-Grid Solar PV System


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Become your own utility company with an uninterrupted power supply both on and off the grid.


Real Goods Micro-Grid Solar System for On-Grid and Off-Grid Applications

This system is to be installed by qualified professionals only. The picture represents the general appearance of the primary components of the system.

The Real Goods Micro-Grid Solar PV System provides you with the very latest technology to deliver continuous, seamless power whether you're off-grid, on-grid, or in an extended power outage. Ideal for sensitive loads and situations where you need to have continuous, uninterrupted power for your entire home and/or homestead.

The Real Goods Micro-Grid Solar PV System is the best choice for grid-tied systems using battery backup. Plus, expanding the battery storage capacity later is easy because the system is "battery technology agnostic" and can be used with any battery type/chemistry. Programmable setpoints offer effective charging of practically any size or type of battery bank.

Unreliable power company? No problem! Our Sunny Island operates at up to 96% efficiency, the best of the best in the renewable energy industry.

Real Goods Micro-Grid Solar PV System Features

  • AC-coupled architecture makes more efficient use of solar energy especially during daylight hours as compared to the more typical DC-coupled architecture.
  • The base package works seamlessly with solar and 1 AC input, typically either a fossil-fueled generator, or the utility company.
  • For systems requiring the highest degree of reliability, and/or when both (one or more) fossil-fueled generator(s), and an electric utility are available, many options exist for manual and automatic transfer switches.
  • Works with other renewable energy sources such as wind & hydroelectric. These can either be DC-coupled to the battery bank in the more traditional manner, or they can feed the AC microgrid using an appropriate grid-tie inverter. In either case, wind and hydroelectric sources practically always require a resistive dump load.
  • Rule 21-compliant, which takes effect January 1, 2016 and ensures that all utilities must buy your renewable-generated electricity.
  • The dynamic nature of the AC waveform generator is one of the best in the industry, easily powering heavily reactive loads like air compressors and capacitor-start well pumps.
  • No separate charge controller is required in our system. Our Sunny Island inverters communicate with the Sunny-Boy grid-tie inverters via a separate data cable to provide a smooth charge finish. In case the data cable connection fails, the Sunny Island prevents overcharging the battery by altering the microgrid frequency enough to temporarily put the Sunny Boy offline.

What Does the Micro-Grid System Cost?

The recommended minimal full-featured system is approximately $23,000 or $8/Watt.

There are a number of options for reducing initial cost slightly without compromising expandability:

Batteries: exchange sealed out for flooded - save $1200

Solar source: minimal array - save $1500

Start with a DC coupled "auxiliary" array (instead of Sunny Boy) and more "traditional" charge controller, a single Sunny Island (120 volt only, no 240) - save $6000

or power a whole village!

Up to 4 Sunny Islands can work together in a "cluster" contributing to a 120/240 split phase micro grid, effectively a 24 kW inverter.

For very large installations like hotels or machine shops, up to 4 "clusters" of Sunny Islands can work in unison, effectively a 72kW 3-phase inverter. The surge rating of this system is 80kW for half and hour, and 100kW for 1 minute.

As if that's not impressive enough, up to 110kW of solar can be connected to this system for continuous utilization all day long.

These systems are going to range into the $100s of thousands, but when compared to the cost of fossil fuels, the investment will quickly pay for itself!

For a custom Real Goods Micro-Grid Solar PV System, please call our Tech Desk at 800-919-2400 to talk to a solar technician.

Basic Components of the Real Goods Micro-Grid Solar PV System

  • Minimum 3,000 Watts (3 kW) of PV solar
  • 1x Sunny Boy Inverter of at least 3,000 Watts (3 kW)
  • 2x Sunny Island System (hybrid micro-grid inverter)
  • Minimum 100 amp-hour battery (48 volts)

These are the components for the base system. For a custom system up to 24 kW, please call our Tech Desk at 800-919-2400 to talk to a solar technician or schedule a visit to your site.

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