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NLR - Puropod Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - Hose Connect

NLR - Puropod Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - Hose Connect


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The most affordable home reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system available.

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Puropod Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - Hose Connect

The Puropod is a complete and affordable reverse osmosis system contained entirely within a single compact canister. The EPA considers reverse osmosis a "Best Available Technology" for drinking water filtration (in fact, most bottled water companies use this method). Typically a complete reverse osmosis system is expensive, but the Puropod's patented technology makes it the least expensive system available, and without losing any effectiveness.

Installation is easy, and no plumbing is required. Simply mount the included bracket on an outside wall, attach the inlet tube to a nearby hose bibb using the included connector, and that's it! Collect purified water in a suitable container and direct second stream into garden or planter box. The Puropod does not require a permanent connection so it's perfect for apartments or small spaces and can be moved from sink to sink. It's so portable, you can take it with you when you travel for clean, purified, great tasting water anywhere you go.

Effective, compact, and affordable, the Puropod means you can stop settling for below average tap water or buying resource-intensive bottled water. Install a Puropod and let the clean water flow.

Puropod Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - Hose Connect Benefits

  • The most affordable complete reverse osmosis system on the market
  • Produces 5 gallons of purified water every 8 hours
  • Easy installation - no plumbing required
  • Portable
  • One year warranty

Puropod Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - Hose Connect Dimensions

  • 3½"W x 4½"D x 8½"H
  • 1.54 lbs

Puropod Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - Hose Connect Specs

  • The carbon block pre-filter removes chlorine, tastes, and odors just like a typical gravity-fed water filter
  • The reverse osmosis membrane removes 90% of the other contaminants found in drinking water

Puropod Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - Hose Connect FAQ

  • Q: Do I really need to run my new Puropod for four hours and discard all the water?
    A: ​​Yes, please. And here's why: Puropod membranes need to be thoroughly wetted before they are fully effective. Also, the special coating applied to protect them until first use should be rinsed away. Following this recommendation gives you maximum membrane performance and water purity.
  • Q: Doesn't that waste a lot of water?
    A: No. The rinsing process actually uses very little water. In four hours, all the water produced from both the product stream and the second stream is less than you would use taking a three minute shower with a low flow shower head.
  • Q: What can I do with the second stream?
    A: Watering your flowers, washing your car, filling your toilet tank, or doing your laundry are just a few ideas!

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