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What can PG&E customers do to protect their power from the utility's uncertain future?

PG&E is facing tens of millions of dollars in infrastructure upgrades and potential legal liability costs and is expecting to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. While no one is sure what this will mean for its customers, rate increases and more blackouts are strong possibilities.

Between PG&E's uncertainty, more frequent extreme weather events, wildfires, and other threats to energy security, wouldn't it be nice to have the peace of mind that comes with a secure 24/7 backup power source? SimpliPhi's energy storage systems (ESS) provide just that with their AccESS and ExprESS backup power systems.

AccESS Safe, Emergency Backup Power that Manages Itself

The AccESS is a plug-and-play Energy Storage System (ESS) that easily integrates power storage into new and existing solar PV installations - both on and off the grid. With SimpliPhi's turn-key AccESS energy storage system, you can still have all the power you need when the grid is unavailable.

The AccESS combines SimpliPhi's non-toxic LFP batteries with industry-leading inverter charge controllers, power electronics, and system management in a sleek NEMA-3R rated cabinet that can be installed inside or outside in temperatures from -4° to 122°F without cooling, thermal monitoring or the risk of thermal runaway or fire.

SimpliPhi AccESS home energy storage system

Get ExprESS Power from a Revolutionary Portable Generator

SimpliPhi ExprESS portable generator

To replace or supplement a home generator and save on precious fuel, SimpliPhi's ExprESS energy storage system can be charged by your generator in two hours, allowing you to turn your generator off instead of running it 24/7. The ExprESS is a battery-powered AC generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that stores electricity for use when power from the grid is unavailable or intermittent, including during emergencies and utility blackouts.

Fully charged, the ExprESS offers either 5.4 kWh of power at 24V or 7 kWh at 48V - a sufficient reserve to operate computers, appliances, AV equipment, refrigerators, power tools, fans, electric blankets, and medical equipment for hours or days at a time. Like the AccESS, its NEMA-3 R rated cabinet can be used indoors or outside. But unlike the AccESS, the ExprESS includes wheels so it can easily be rolled onto a truck and moved from site to site so you can take your power with you or share it with others in need.

Additional SimpliPhi AccESS and ExprESS Benefits

  • For homes that want to continue to use a diesel generator for backup power, pairing the AccESS or ExprESS with your generator is seamless and can create fuel savings, thereby extending your available reserves and cutting down on noise and air pollution. Both the AccESS and ExprESS have a built-in automatic generator start (AGS) to optimize your generator's performance with grid, solar and/or PHI battery power.
  • Beyond emergency preparedness, SimpliPhi energy storage solutions can save you money all year long. Homeowners who are on a time-of use-rate or an electric vehicle rate can charge their AccESS when energy is less expensive (for example at night) and discharge their batteries when energy is more expensive. By enabling homeowners to shift their time of use for grid electricity to less expensive times, SimpliPhi storage can significantly reduce utility bills.
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Are You Ready to Power Through the Next Utility Outage?

The team at Real Goods is available to help you choose the right SimpliPhi ESS solution to protect your home and efficiently install that equipment to ensure you're prepared when the next blackout hits.

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