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Meet Our Staff

John Schaeffer | President & Founder
With Real Goods since the beginning (1978)

Pictured here with Poppy surveying the SunHawk Farms olive orchard. "The SLC and store have gone through phoenix-like transformations, with a wholly rejuvenated gorgeous landscape and new products focused on healthy, sustainable, locally-made products."

Stephen Fuller-Rowell | VP of eCommerce
With Real Goods since June 2015

Pictured here in our Solar Living Institute interns' productive vegetable garden. "I love the Joraform composters. One of my mantras as an organic farmer was to never let any organic material leave the farm - except for produce being delivered.”

Landa Roon | Operations Manager
With Real Goods since November 2013

Pictured here in the Solar Living Center's vegetable garden. "The SunJack 20W kit is a super cost effective, lightweight way to have all the power you need while on the go!"

Garrett McCutcheon | Retail Store Manager
With Real Goods since April 2016

"I am extremely excited to be working for a company that has been at the forefront of being environmentally conscious since its inception in 1978. The products we carry here at Real Goods reflect our commitment to the environment and sustainability. I am incredibly excited about my future here at Real Goods and I can’t wait to see you in here."

Nantzy Hensley | Merchandise Manager
With Real Goods since January 1989

Pictured here in the book department of our 5,000-square-foot retail store because, "when pressed to narrow it down, I most love the knowledge, innovation, personal stories and renegade know-how that I see every day in the store."

Anne Mayea | Purchaser
With Real Goods since April 1990

Pictured here relaxing in the Solar Living Center's car grove, where grow-through-cars replace the iconic drive-through-trees located up north in Redwood Country - our playful tribute to nature's battling last as it reclaims these 1950s muscle car monstrosities. "I love our recycled plastic rugs because they're practical and useful and very stylish!"

David Nieskoski | Supply Chain Coordinator
With Real Goods since May 2002

Pictured here by the fish pond as water that spirals through our Solar Living Center flows into the pond through this reclaimed lumber duct. "I love the people I have worked with over the years who have given themselves over to an ethos of planetary harmony."

Dara Lynn Phillips | Accounts Payable/Receivable
With Real Goods since August 2015

Pictured here at the Solar Living Center. "I am a country girl, excited to work at and learn all about this company and all our sustainable products. The people here have a wealth of knowledge."

Chelsea Kahl | Lead Retail Clerk
With Real Goods since April 2016

"I have been striving to become a part of the Real Goods team since 2006 and have finally accomplished that goal by living sustainably and continuing my education. I love everything about what Real Goods has to offer."

Noah Mervine | Senior Solar Technician
With Real Goods since October 1997

"Our small company is like family, and the emphasis on the local movement and the sustainability philosophy are very important to me."

Erik Frye | Senior Solar Technician
With Real Goods since May 2003

Pictured here at the SLC helping to load a SolarWorld solar module, his favorite because, "It's made in Oregon, performs as promised with a perfect fit and finish, a 25-30 year warranty, and no problems."

Alex Aragon | Solar Technician
With Real Goods since April 2003

"Real Goods has always been a great resource and inspiration...I love my portable power systems [he designed and builds them, after all] because they can provide energy independence for many who can't get it in other ways."

Hugo Sanchez | Landscaping Manager
With Real Goods since April 2015

"I like being at Real Goods because it feels good to work with things that people enjoy like plants, flowers and trees."