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Marie's Origional Poison Ivy/Oak Soap

Marie's Original Poison Ivy Soap / Poison Oak Soap


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Wash away the irritation of poison ivy or poison oak.

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Marie's Original Poison Ivy Soap / Poison Oak Soap

This truly amazing, 100% natural poison oak and poison ivy soap prevents outbreaks even after exposure to the poison plants, and helps to prevent and heal many types of common rashes when used on a daily basis. Even after an irritation has started, healing is greatly accelerated. The soap's purely natural blend of oils, herbs, extracts, clay, oatmeal, and glycerin pulls poison oak and poison ivy oils off the skin, promotes healing, and helps stop itching and redness due to the soothing antihistamine properties of the herbs. Contains no dyes, artificial ingredients or scents. A Real Goods best seller for over two decades!

After suffering for years from poison oak and being unable to find a cure that really worked, Marie, a medicinal herbalist for 35 years, settled down to formulate her own solution. Her 100% natural soap formula, handmade on her 40-acre organic farm in Oregon, proved to be so successful that it also worked as a poison ivy soap, and she soon started selling it to her local hardware and landscape supply stores. It wasn't long before the word was out: Marie's Original Poison Oak Soap / Poison Ivy Soap really works!

About Poison Ivy Soap / Poison Oak Soap

The Native American Indians were puzzled about the cause of the rash many European visitors were getting. This is because they cooked, dyed clothes and decorated with poison ivy/oak branches and leaves. Poison ivy/oak is not toxic or poisonous but the oil contained in the plant has the ability to penetrate the 5 - 8 layers of the skin and bind with our natural body fluids, causing a severe histamine reaction. All of the itching, weeping, swelling and pain are from our own body's defense system working to get this oil out from under the skin. For someone sensitive to the oil, one fifty thousandth of a drop is enough to cause a major reaction. Marie's Original Poison Oak Soap removes the oil from the skin and helps calm down the reaction of the body.

How to Use Marie's Poison Ivy Soap / Poison Oak Soap

For best results, wet skin with hot water, lather the poison ivy soap / poison oak soap and allow it to stay on the skin for a few minutes, then rinse with hot water. Do not use this product on broken skin without consulting a physician. If a rash has already started, it may be necessary to repeat use 3 - 4 times a day for a few days. If rash persists, the soap should be left on for an hour or even longer. It's important not to eat or drink stimulating foods or beverages while the poison ivy is running its course; i.e., items with caffeine or hot spices. Please keep in mind everyone reacts slightly differently to poison ivy and poison oak.

How does Marie's Original Poison Ivy Soap / Poison Oak Soap Work?

Marie's Original Poison Ivy/Poison Oak Soap has a unique triple-acting formula>

    1. Stops the Itch - Marie's Original Poison Ivy/Oak Soap contains Sassafras, a root bark that traditionally has a natural antihistamine action that immediately stops the itching.

    2. Heals - Marie's Original Poison Ivy/Oak Soap contains Noni and White Willow; two herbs that traditionally help heal swelling, pain and irritation.

    3. Prevents - The soap has a mechanical action. The green clay and organic oat bran pull any toxins or irritants that might be present off of the skin. This mechanical action stops the progression of the irritation.

Marie's Poison Ivy/Poison Oak Soap Ingredients

Marie's Poison Ivy/Oak Soap does not contain dyes, artificial ingredients or scents.

Vegetable glycerine soap, Organic oat bran, Argile montmorillonite, Olive oil, Infusions or essential oils of Betula lenta, Salix alba, Morinda citrifolia, Sassafras albidum and Grindelia camporum.

  • Argile montmorillonite = a type of clay typically formed as a weathering product of low silica rocks;a major component of bentonite

  • Betula lenta = a tree, commonly known as the cherry birch, sweet birch or black birch

  • Salix alba = a tree, commonly known as the white willow

  • Morinda citrifolia = a large shrub or medium size tree, commonly known as the cheesefruit, koonjerung, tokoonja or great morinda

  • Sassafras albidum = a tree, commonly known as the sassafras

  • Grindelia camporum = a hardy perennial plant, commonly known as the giant gum plant

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    • A survival necessity!!6/6/2018

    By Shellie

    This product is AMAZING!!!!!
    Highly allergic to poison ivy and an avid gardener don’t always go together as I can count on getting PI every summer weeding!! This soap is a survival necessity!!

    • Won't ever be without it!9/25/2017

    By Kathy F

    I've been raving about this soap to everyone. It works better than anything I tried on my poison oak. Not only that, but if I use it before I work outside, it seems to prevent getting it. Mosquitoes don't like it, either!

    • Works great!4/29/2017

    By Kathy

    This worked when nothing else did. I love that it's all natural.

    • Beats NorCal poison oak 4/22/2014

    By Wendy

    This awesome soap not only soothes and treats poison oak and ivy, heat rash, hives, and helps bee stings, it can stop oak and ivy in its tracks. I don't mean the nice sweet poison ivy you guys have in the southeast (I should know I'm from there originally). I mean the oily, nasty, mean, poison oak that sends me to the doctor if I try to even look at it without a bar of this in my pocket!! I was turned on to it by a friend and I hope I can do the same for you.

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