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NLR - Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter


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You've arrived in Beijing after a 15 hour flight to China, checked into your hotel and slept a dreamless seven hours. You awaken minutes before your business meeting feeling displaced and looking a bit disheveled. Before hopping into the shower you reach for your cell phone to confirm the location of your meeting and review your notes but alas it's run dead. "No problem," you think,  "I remembered my charger." So you get it out and search for an outlet only to find a gaping series of holes in the wall that reminds you of your last acid trip. You spend about 20 minutes fumbling with your phone and charger to no avail feeling like a baby trying to place a plastic triangle into the circle hole. Realizing it's hopeless and that now you have no time to shower, you dress and rush to your meeting ("Oh, it was just in the hotel's conference room. Why didn't I remember that before"). Unfortunately you've arrived late and look like you ate breakfast in a trash can. The Chinese board members are not impressed. You just blew the big merger and with no phone you might as well stay in China because you won't even have a chance to explain things to your boss.

But that will never happen to you, will it? Because when you go to China you're going to remember to bring your Universal Travel Adapter. After awakening you plug your phone charger into the adapter and it goes right into the wall. Your phone is charged in minutes. After confirming the location ("It's just in the hotel's conference room, duh"), you still have time to review your notes. You take a shower, get dressed, and when you look in the mirror you think, "I'm awesome." You arrive at your meeting early and the Chinese board members are blown away with your presentation. Your boss calls your 5 minutes later and you're offered a big promotion. "Wow!" you think to yourself, "I'm sure glad I remembered my Universal Travel Adapter."

With worldwide compatability in more than 150 countries this travel adapter is compact for travel and folds flatter than any other adapter on the market. Second only to your passport and a good guidebook, this adapter is a must have for international travel.

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