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Portable Solar Panels

During the early days of solar PV, the idea of portable solar panels was unheard of as panels were just too big and heavy. But continued R&D has led to greatly increased solar cell efficiency, which has opened the door to portable solar charging for outdoor enthusiasts. Industry pioneers like Goal Zero have perfected and diversified the lightweight solar charging options for consumers today, including their line of Nomad portable solar panels.

Many of our portable solar panels have built-in USB output, DC output, or both, which let you charge small devices like phones and battery packs directly. For larger amounts of portable power, check out our portable power kits. We also offer a range of solar-powered flashlights, lanterns, and radios in our light and communication section.

If you need help deciding how to best fill your portable solar power needs, give us a call at 800-919-2400. Our knowledgeable staff has lots of experience with these products.

"In addition to reliability, renewable energy provides freedom. Freedom from the grid, and freedom to do what you love - that's an incredible value add to backup power in your kit."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 5: Emergency Preparedness and Solar Mobility

Portable Solar Charging from Real Goods