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Portable Power Kits

Protect your power during the next blackout, utility grid outage, or natural disaster emergency with a dependable, portable power supply. Now you can be prepared for utility blackouts or emergencies with hundreds or even thousands of Watt-hours to power your essential home electrical loads. These portable, rechargeable power banks are lightweight enough to move around easily without compromising on durability, so you can bring the power to your friends, family, and neighbors too.

But these portable power kits aren't just for emergencies - they're great for taking off-grid on camping trips or weekend vacation cabin excursions too.

For smaller portable charging devices intended for things like phones and small speakers, check out our USB & Car Charging section.

"While not always apparent, many domestic systems, appliances, and operations that are not fueled by electricity still depend on it to function."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 5: Emergency Preparedness and Solar Mobility