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Portable Power

Whether in an emergency situation or during some off-grid fun like camping, access to at least some electricity is as close to a necessity as you can get without being a biological requirement. Keeping a cell phone, GPS, or radio, or flashlight alive can easily be the difference between life and death - or the difference between a great backpacking trip and an endurance test.

To keep those gadgets charged, you need a portable charging device. We offer portable charging via solar, USB, 12-volt DC (think car cigarette lighter), and rechargeable household batteries. Solar is typically the most versatile option since it requires no extra equipment to provide the charge, but whenever possible, it’s a good idea to carry another portable charging option as well.

"We thank our friends at Goal Zero for contributing a new perspective on how to empower yourself for emergencies and how to manage your portable power needs when you're off the grid."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 5: Emergency Preparedess and Solar Mobility