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Radio & Communication

Simple communication could well be your biggest concern during an off-grid emergency or in the aftermath of a disaster. Being able to call a ranger station for help or talk to friends and family for a little relief and normality in a difficult situation can provide a calming and potentially life-saving influence.

Ideally, emergency communication comes from your cell phone since it's small and frequently on your person anyway. But relying on a phone for emergency communication assumes a few things: cell service, a dry and functioning phone, and a battery with some juice. We can help with the last two - waterproof phone cases (below), and a portable charging device - but cell service can be hard to predict, especially in the wilderness.

That's why sometimes emergency communication has to come in the form of inbound information like weather and fire alerts. To receive these, you'll need an emergency radio. We have an excellent one available; our Solar Dynamo Radio offers radio reception, a flashlight, and phone charging all in one and can be powered by a variety of sources - even hand-cranking for true emergencies.

"Typical smartphones require about 7-10 Watts for a full charge, so pick a portable charging device with the appropriate power capacity."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 5: Emergency Preparedness and Solar Mobility

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