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Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Gone are the days when switching to the most energy-efficient light bulbs meant delayed lighting, poor color, and flickering. Today's most energy-efficient light bulbs (LEDs and modern CFLs) provide bright, clean light using just a fraction of the energy of an incandescent bulb. And they last thousands more hours!

When choosing a light bulb, color temperature is one of the more important choices, and it is a personal choice. Here are some general guidelines to consider when choosing your lights.

  • Warmer whites (2700 K–3500 K) are preferred in living, dining, and reception areas to create a more relaxed environment.
  • Natural whites (4000 K–4500 K) are preferable for kitchens and bathrooms, where tasks are performed.
  • Daylight whites (5000 K–6000 K) are favored by retailers and offices, though natural whites could be utilized here.
  • Cool whites (6000 K–7000 K) are found mainly in industrial and hospital areas.

Real Goods offers some of the most energy-efficient light bulbs available, including LED bulbs and CFL blubs in a variety of color temperatures.

"With standard (incandescent) light bulbs, typically only 10% of the energy consumed is converted into light, while 90% is given off as heat. Now with LED technology, 90% of the energy is given off as light and less than 10% as heat."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 6: Energy Conservation

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs from Real Goods

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