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Kitchen Goods

Whether you're living in an off-grid homestead or a penthouse apartment, the kitchen is a place where health, sustenance, and creativity should be allowed to thrive.

Our selection of kitchen goods ranges from food preparation accessories (made from sustainable materials) to non-electric appliances like solar cookers (the perfect complement to an off-grid kitchen) to organic ingredients (John Schaeffer's SunHawk Farms’ biodynamic olive oil!) to compost collectors (for handling those inedible leftovers). Season your next meal with inspiration from Real Goods' eco-friendly and off-grid kitchen goods!

Check out our selection of food preservation and home canning goods!

"Remaking our relationship to food is an important part of the homesteading lifestyle. Changing our relationship to food is one of the most powerful ways to cut loose from an unsustainable and dangerous industrial system and participate in making a better one."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 12: Urban Homesteading

Kitchen Goods from Real Goods