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Food Preservation & Canning

Most everyone agrees that edible food should not be wasted, and this sentiment rings even truer with homesteaders and off-gridders. After all those hours spent in the garden growing and harvesting food, the last thing we want is to see it go to waste. Fortunately, food preservation is as easy as it is rewarding with our selection of canning, fermenting, and dehydrating tools. These food preservation skills give us an opportunity to reclaim some self-sufficiency around our food sources and rediscover that it’s fun to play with your food - just not to waste it.

"Homesteaders everywhere spend a lot of time in the kitchen during harvest season, turning fresh food into preserved products that can last through the winter. The processes for food preservation and storage - canning, drying, fermenting, root cellaring, and freezing - are the same in the urban kitchen."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 12: Urban Homesteading

Food Preservation & Canning Supplies from Real Goods