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Household Goods

Every time we make environmentally responsible choices like using renewable energy systems to power our homes and making local, organic, humane food choices, we make a positive difference to our planet and all its diversity.

This idea extends to household goods as well; furnishing our off-grid homes (or our on-grid ones) with household goods free of synthetic chemicals has benefits not only for the planet, but for our personal wellness too. Real Goods has the kind of household goods you won’t have to think twice about using and enjoying in your kitchen, cleaning closets, and outdoor living spaces.

"Many interior furnishings emit an array of gaseous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), especially when they are new. These include adhesives, carpeting, fabrics, vinyl floor tiles, some ceiling tiles, upholstery, vinyl wallpaper, particleboard, drapery, caulking compounds, paints and stains, and solvents."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 9: Water and Air Purification