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Rainwater Harvesting

In most communities, an average year's rainfall provides more water striking the surface area of the community than all its citizens consume via utility water in that same year. In addition to its ample quantity, rainwater is a much purer source of water than groundwater because it is naturally distilled through evaporation prior to cloud formation, it's free of salt, and it acts as a natural fertilizer (containing sulfur, beneficial microorganisms, mineral nutrients, and nitrogen). And it's free. The trick is harvesting it.

The lowest-cost way to begin harvesting rainwater is to install a rain barrel system that collects the runoff from your roof and gutters. But to maximize your rainwater harvest and minimize your cost per gallon of rainwater captured, you can't beat our Pioneer® WaterHarvest storage tanks. These tanks have a large footprint, but they capture and store a lot of water and include built-in filtration.

"As drought and water issues become increasingly more common, it is essential that we all reduce our use, and participate in reusing and recycling as much water as we can. Rainwater catchment is important not only in rural areas, but in our cities as well."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 12: Urban Homesteading

Water your garden with stored rainwater from a rain barrel system - we'll show you how!

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