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Growing food in an organic gardening is one of the central actions of any homesteader, rural or urban. Although it’s easier if you’ve got a patch of land to yourself, you don’t have to be held hostage by a lack of one. A deck or patio can be used to house a container garden or miniature greenhouse, and a friendly neighbor with a yard could be the genesis of a community gardening operation. People have been growing all kinds of food in all kinds of conditions for centuries, so find reasons to say "yes" to gardening instead of reasons not to!

Real Goods is your garden supply source with everything you need to start organic gardening. Aside from the gardening tools and fertilizers you’ll find here, our Solar Living Sourcebook has a wealth of information on setting up permaculture systems and organic gardening, with special attention paid to creating or maximizing gardening space.

"Permaculture is much more than a style of gardening. It is a fully integrated design system and philosophy in which diverse techniques create a food production system that emulates the natural world."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition

Water your garden with stored rainwater from a rain barrel system - we'll show you how!

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