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Camping Supplies

The great thing about having good camping supplies is that they are often exactly what you need in an emergency situation. A tent, a day-hike water filter, a camping stove, a headlamp, and a solar shower can provide the comforts of home on an extended camping trip, and they can save your life in the aftermath of a disaster that cuts off the power, gas, or water.

When considering camping supplies for emergency preparedness, think beyond the basic necessities needed for car camping. Stock your camping kit with drinking water treatment options, wilderness first aid supplies, a portable charging device for a phone and radio, and emergency preparedness books.

"It's not going to be practical to run your electric burners or oven with a backup system, or even with a generator. Break out the camping gear!"

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 5: Emergency Preparedness and Solar Mobility

Camping Supplies from Real Goods