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Indoor Air Quality

Most of us are familiar with air pollution around large cities, but did you realize that poor indoor air quality (inside your home or place of work) could potentially be even more hazardous to your health?

Well-insulated buildings - while great for minimizing heating and cooling expenses - are designed to limit the infiltration of outside air. Combine this lack of natural ventilation with the ever-increasing number of synthetic products in the average home, and it’s easy to see why indoor air quality is becoming a larger concern over the last few decades.

Real Goods' air filters can remove hazardous pollutants, as well as dust, pollen, and pet dander for improved indoor air quality and easier breathing with cleaner air.

"A five-year EPA study found the concentrations of 20 toxic compounds to be as much as 200 times higher in the air inside homes and offices than outdoors. Poor air circulation is partly to blame."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 9: Water and Air Purification

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