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Freezers & Refrigerators

The refrigerator is likely to be the largest single power user in your home aside from air conditioning and water heating. Fortunately, refrigerator and freezer efficiency has made enormous strides in the past 20 years.

Real Goods offers high-efficiency propane and DC refrigerators and freezers from top manufacturers like SunDanzer and Dometic. Propane refrigerators and freezers are ideal for off-grid homesteads that already have gas on site for cooking or water heating. DC refrigerators and freezers pair well with homesteads using renewable energy systems because the system's inverter can be sized to exclude these relatively high-draw appliances, translating to substantial savings.

"An average new fridge with top-mounted freezer sold today uses under 500 kWh/year, compared with more than 1,800 kWh/year for the average 1973 model. Be sure to have the Freon removed professionally from your old unit before disposal!"

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 6: Energy Conservation

Propane and DC Refrigerators and Freezers from Real Goods