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Composting Toilets

Composting toilets provide off-grid homesteads or vacation cabins with a safe, odor-free waste processing system that yields extremely high-quality garden compost. They require little to no water or electricity (some units have electric fans).

We offer two basic styles of composting toilet systems: self-contained composting toilets, where everything is included in a single enclosure, and central composting toilet systems, where a large central composting chamber is fed from one or more toilets.

Composting toilets are not practical in some situations, like apartments and cold climates with little activity. Choosing a composting toilet with the right waste processing capacity and options for your intended use can be tricky business, so if you’re at all unsure about your needs, call the Real Goods Tech Desk at 800-919-2400 and we’ll lend our expertise.

"Forget your outhouse experiences. If a composting toilet smells, it's telling you something's wrong. Usually smells indicate pockets of anaerobic activity caused by inadequate mixing."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 10: Composting Toilets and Greywater Systems