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Self-Contained Composting Toilets

Self-contained composting toilets combine everything a composting toilet system needs – a place to sit, a composting chamber, and an evaporation tray – in a single enclosure. Self-contained composting toilet systems are installed directly in the bathroom (no plumbing required) and electric models can plug into a standard wall outlet. Another advantage of a self-contained composting toilet is that during winter in cold climates (when the composting microbes needs to be kept warm), heating the bathroom keeps both the toilet user and the compost chamber warm.

In central composting toilet systems, the composting chamber must also be kept warm, but is often installed in a basement away from the bathroom. If you are unsure about your composting toilet needs, don’t hesitate to call the Real Goods Tech Desk at 800-919-2400.

"Composting toilets can provide safe waste processing in locations where conventional septic systems are impossible or ill advised, such as lakeside cabins, sites with very slow or very fast perk, high water tables, or other issues."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 10: Composting Toilets and Greywater Systems

Self-Contained Composting Toilets from Real Goods