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Green Living

Green living - whether off-grid or on - is a lifestyle more and more people are embracing. As the realities of climate change and resource depletion continue to affect real lives, it's clear that many of the systems that sustain us now - food, water, energy, medicine, community, and others - are not sustainable as the ever-increasing population continues to push the Earth's natural limits.

Green living means adopting ways to reduce your personal demand on these system, your waste stream, and your carbon footprint. But how? Go solar. Start gardening. Switch to non-electric appliances. It's easier (and far more satisfying) than you think. We have the solutions to get you confidently self-sufficient.

"Green living isn't just about moving back to the land anymore - it's about tending to the land where you live. Picking up the shovel and hoe, turning the closets, roof, deck, or yard into places to grow food or raise chickens."

Solar Living Sourcebook 14th Edition
Chapter 12: Urban Homesteading