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NLR - Dankoff SunCentric Surface Pump (7526)

NLR - Dankoff SunCentric Surface Pump (7526)


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The 24-volt Dankoff SunCentric Surface Pump can run for 20 years in PV-direct or battery systems and does not require filtration.

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Dankoff SunCentric Surface Pump - 24VDC (7526)

The 24-volt Dankoff SunCentric Surface Pump uses 1000W of solar power to move up to 70 gallons per minute at 5' of lift or 9 gallons per minute at 60' of lift from shallow water sources. They are tolerant of dirt and do not required filtration or routine maintenance, making them great for irrigation, livestock, domestic water, pond management, water treatment, solar water heating, hydronic space heating, and fire protection applications. These pumps have been in use worldwide since 1989 and will last 20 years even under heavy use. They can be used without batteries in PV-direct systems.

For best results, place the Dankoff SunCentric Surface Pump out of rain and direct sunlight, and close to the water source to minimize suction (though it does have the capacity for 10' of vertical suction - reduce 1' per 1000' of altitude). Brushes will need replacement every several years. 2-year warranty.

Dankoff SunCentric (7526) for PV-Direct Application

A PV-direct system uses water storage instead of batteries. It is the simplest and most durable system for most applications because a pump controller (linear current booster) is not required. This setup is optimal for circulating solar-heated water. A solar tracker (optional) will help to maintain optimum flow through the entire solar day. Storage of 3 - 7 days' water demand is recommended.

Dankoff SunCentric (7526) for Battery System Application

A battery system is best where there is need for constant pressure or pressure on demand, where a tank is not feasible, or where a battery system is required for other power applications. Batteries can be charged by any power source.

Dankoff SunCentric 7526 Surface Pump Specs

  • 19.5" L x 10.5" H
  • 65 lbs
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Max flow: 70 gpm
  • Max head/pressure: 60' / 26 psi
  • Max priming: 10' vertical (subtract 1' per 1000' of altitude)
  • Temperature limit: 140°F
  • Pump body: cast iron
  • Impeller: glass-filled polycarbonate
  • Seal: carbon/ceramic
  • Manufacturer: Dankoff
  • Model number: 7526

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