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Chinook 200 Micro-Turbine Wind Generator - 12V/200W

NLR - Chinook 200 Micro-Turbine Wind Generator - 12V, 200W


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Chinook 200 Micro-Turbine Wind Generator

Made in America, this small wind micro-turbine generates power at low wind speeds, but sustains severe weather conditions. The Chinook does not hide from or shut down in high wind conditions. Perfect for renewable energy systems, RV's, electric gates/fencing, stock water warming or the backyard hobbyist. Land based, non-corrosive environment, sealed bearings, brass slip ring.

The Chinook 200 is a small, direct-drive micro-turbine designed for use in many 12 volt DC applications. Its aesthetic low-profile design, coupled with its low-wind performance and low rotor acoustics, make this turbine the ideal choice, whatever your application from electric fencing to off-grid homes.

The Chinook 200 Wind Turbine features a fully integrated 3-phase Permanent Magnet Alternator (PMA) that takes advantage of Neodymium Iron Boron magnet technology.

This configuration gives the PMA excellent low rpm characteristics with a very low cut-in speed, allowing the turbine to spend more time generating power.

The uniquely designed and manufactured turbine blades of the Chinook 200 Wind Generator work in harmony with the PMA to allow the turbine to operate at low wind speeds, low rpm and with low acoustic emissions.  Of equal importance is the Chinook 200’s ability to run at high output during ‘big’ winds for prolonged periods of time without the need for mechanical or electrical cut-outs. This means that a Chinook 200 will generate more kwh in an average wind regime compared to competitor products that are ‘rated’ at an unrealistic 28 mph.

The unit may be used to charge deep cycle battery banks at 12 Volts DC, which can later be converted to AC with use of an inverter or to directly run 12 volt loads.

The Chinook 200 can also work hand-in-hand with photovoltaic panels to ensure that power is being generated in all weather conditions.


  • One of the lightest heavy-duty turbines available
  • Superior and quiet operation with low TSR rotor
  • Excellent performance at truly low wind speeds
  • Innovative nylon 66 with 33% glass fill injection-molded blades
  • Sleek aesthetic appearance
  • Anodized and powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel components throughout
  • Low TSR rotor blades with excellent low wind speed performance and exceptionally low acoustic emissions
  • Rated at just 8 m/s for superb low wind speed performance: a Chinook 200 will generate more kwh at low wind speeds
  • Proprietary low inertia axial flux generator using Neodymium Iron Boron magnets: The unique ironless generator design has no cogging, which allows effortless startup in low winds and reduces generator hum
  • The 3-phase output from the generator is rectified onboard for DC output
  • CNC machined components throughout
  • Aesthetically pleasing and low-visibility profile
  • Oversized tail fin for excellent response to turbulent wind conditions
  • Designed to run through severe weather conditions
  • Unique bearing configuration resulting in low friction and low bearing noise: all bearings are lubricated and sealed for life
  • Anti-vibration hardware used throughout
  • All-inclusive weight of just 14lbs

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