Tips for Harvesting Figs

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Tips for Harvesting Figs

Ah…figs…the fruit of the Gods. I look forward to every late August with gusto and dream of ripe, juicy figs the rest of the year!

We have 7 Brown Turkey Fig trees, 2 Black Mission Trees, and 2 Kadotas with the white/pink flesh. There is an art to picking figs that must be adhered to if you are to fully enjoy their magic. The trick is picking them when they are totally ripe but just before they ferment. I watch our trees and their fruit daily. When the erect fruit turn totally black, you know it’s a matter of 4-5 days until they plop over and slightly shrivel. When they do that, it’s almost as if they click over in a few hours; you know it’s time to partake!

But if you wait 24 hours too long, alas, you have a fermented fig. I’ve not eaten enough to get drunk, but the flavor is distinctly worse as the sugars turn to alcohol. The only problem we have with our figs lately is eating them all and not wasting them. Certainly the ravens and golden sparrows get their fill, and I’ve long gotten over my phobia of avoiding the half-eaten ones, but when you think of the work of canning or drying them, it’s always easier to call friends or family to have them imbibe rather than do the preservation work. I can easily handle only savoring the fruit from August 15th to October 1st every year and waiting for fruition. Ah…Figs!

Real Goods' John Schaeffer harvesting his figs

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