SunHawk Olive Oil Independent Lab Analysis

12/06/2016 13:18

SunHawk Olive Oil Independent Lab Analysis

For all you olive oil connoisseurs out there, check out the exceptional results we received from Agbiolab, an independent laboratory analysis of this year's olive harvest. Some points of interest:

  • All our numbers pass the USDA standards as well as the much stricter COOC EVOO standard for extra virgin
  • To be considered true "extra virgin," the free fatty acid needs to be below 5% (ours is 0.16%!)
  • The polyphenol content generally runs from 170-350 (ours is 328 - so we are very rich in polyphenols)

This is all great news and we are very proud of this year's crop!

You can read the full analysis here, and read my in-depth post about SunHawk Farms organic extra virgin olive oil here.

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