Real Goods Installs Solar Water Pumping System for NorCal Vineyard

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Real Goods Installs Solar Water Pumping System for NorCal Vineyard

Installed June of 2017

Northern California wine producer Bob Gloeckner decided he could no longer justify the cost of running a 240-volt AC submersible pump to irrigate his wine grape vineyard in the small town of Covelo, CA. So he contacted Real Goods – a Northern California institution when it comes to renewable energy – in the hopes that we might be able to offer a better solution for his irrigation needs.

Real Goods solar techs Alex Aragon, Hayden Hammerling, and Garrett McCutcheon were eager to provide Bob with a permanent and sustainable solution utilizing a heavy-duty submersible pump and renewable energy to power it.

Garrett finalizes the Grundfos DC water pump installation

The system they designed and installed – working together with Bob – features a 16 gallon-per-minute Grundfos submersible DC pump that moves water from a deep well into a holding tank for irrigation.

Hayden checks the vineyard's water storage tank

The pump is powered by an array of Canadian Solar 270-Watt solar PV panels that Alex, Hayden, and Garrett also installed. The panels power the pump directly with no inverter, generator, or grid electricity involved whatsoever. This simple, elegant system keeps Bob’s vineyard irrigated using only clean, free energy from the sun.

Garrett with the Canadian solar panel array that power the DC well pump

The system also features a Grundfos CU200 pump controller that controls float switches both in the holding tank (to prevent the pump from running dry) and in the well (to monitor the water level), providing Bob with both system protection and insight. And with Real Goods’ exceptional customer service, Bob knows he’ll be taken care of should any unexpected problems arise.

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