Real Goods Stands with Standing Rock and Will Provide Power

02/22/2017 17:11

Real Goods Stands with Standing Rock and Will Provide Power

This post was derived from Ashley Tressel's article for Willits News.

Real Goods is working with Michael Reppy, an activist with Earth Island Institute, to supply solar panels and a wind turbine to power a school at Sacred Stone Camp for pipeline protesters in North Dakota.

Reppy asked Real Goods to build him a turn-key renewable energy system that he and his colleague Chris Winn could install on site in North Dakota with little assembly. Our own Hayden Hammerling and Alex Aragon have designed and engineered the system, but the project is now on hold due to uncertainty surrounding the ownership of the land the Sacred Stone Camp sits on.

The school at Sacred Stone Camp is intended both for teenagers wishing to stay and also to serve as a headquarters for pipeline opposers. Much like the Real Goods Store itself (where the Hayden's and Alex's power system was built) the school is made from cob construction using straw bales.

Alex and Hayden with their renewable energy kit for Standing Rock

Above: Alex and Hayden (right) with Michael Reppy, Chris Winn, and the power system for the Sacred Stone Camp school.

Alex Aragon works on the Standing Rock solar kit

Above: Alex working on the power system.


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