Real Goods is Changing on June 1

05/31/2019 15:06

Real Goods is Changing on June 1

I wanted to share with everyone two announcements about Real Goods:

1. We are moving our physical Renewable Energy / Off-Grid business to our Warehouse on the Southern end of the Solar Living Center by the big Solar PV Array.

After June 1, please come down and talk to our solar technicians if you need a new solar system or parts for your old system. Our techs are happy to help you get started or troubleshoot your system.

The RealGoods.com website will continue to sell renewable energy equipment.

2. The Real Goods Store is becoming the Solar Living Store.

We will be open on June 1. This new brick-and-mortar store will be run by our non-profit Solar Living Institute (SLI) and will feature many of the same products you used to find on RealGoods.com with an educational mission. We plan to expand our offerings of healthy drinks and snacks, educational books on SLI's mission of renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, and healthy living.

In addition, we hope to serve as a 'visitor's center' to Mendocino County and the 'Emerald Triangle' as well as to provide information on all the classes, events, and mission of our Solar Living Institute. Please bear with us while we make these changes. We think you'll be very pleased with our new identity!

For the Earth,

John Schaeffer,

Real Goods Founder and former President

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