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Real Goods Introduces FREE SHIPPING on Online Orders

06/02/2020 10:29

Real Goods Introduces FREE SHIPPING on Online Orders

We're always looking for ways to make it easier for people to use renewable energy at their homes and businesses, and we are pleased to announce a new one:

Free shipping on orders placed on RealGoods.com!

How Can You Get Free Shipping on Your RealGoods.com Order?

It's easy. When you reach the shipping method selection screen during checkout, you'll be given an option for free shipping if your order meets the following conditions:

  • Order subtotal (before tax) must be at least $1,000
  • Shipping address must be within the continental United States (lower 48 states)
  • Items marked with oversize are not included in the order
  • If solar panels are included in the order, there must be at least 9 of them

Why Are We Offering Free Shipping?

Renewable energy equipment is often heavy and bulky. This can make for high shipping costs, which can be a real barrier for people who are already spending a substantial amount on their renewable energy system components.

We are often asked by customers if they can pick up their online order from our warehouse themselves to avoid paying for shipping. While we normally try to accommodate these requests, the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines are making that more challenging. Providing free shipping allows us to help keep our warehouse staff and our customers safer by limiting face-to-face interactions between them.

What Are the Free Shipping Icons on Products on RealGoods.com?

As you shop our website, you'll notice "Free Shipping" icons next to products. These are indications of which products will automatically qualify your order for free shipping.

Products marked with free shipping qualify your order for free shipping.

Products marked with add more items to get free shipping require more items to be added to the order before it will qualify for free shipping.

Products marked with oversize disqualify your order from receiving the free shipping option.

All orders must meet the four criteria outlined above in order to be presented with the free shipping option during checkout.

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