The Joys of Summertime Electric Vehicle Charging

08/31/2017 16:56

The Joys of Summertime Electric Vehicle Charging

One of my favorite things about summer is that I can charge my Tesla S-90 off of my home solar system and not deplete my energy.

In the Winter, and even in late Fall and early Spring, there just isn't enough power to charge my car given the amount of sun and the amount of hydroelectric power I generate from my home system.

I have a set of Hup Solar One Yuasa deep-cycle solar batteries (48V x 3300 amp-hours) and I try to keep them no lower than 60% depth of discharge. My Tesla charger will discharge my batteries at 120 amps every hour, but in the summer when we have full sun, that's not a problem. The home charger puts in 17 miles of drive time for every hour of charge, so plugging in for six hours a night allows me to drive over 100 miles the next day!

It's a glorious feeling knowing that I've not only not been to a gas station for two years, but also that I can do my car charging at home without using one ounce of fossil fuels!

John Schaeffer charges his Tesla EV with his home solar power array

John Schaeffer with his deep cycle renewable energy battery bank

For the Earth,

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John Schaeffer,

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