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3 Amazing Off-Grid Cooking Techniques

Since human beings first discovered fire, they have been cooking without electricity or gas. Now, even though most people have access to the electricity grid, fire is still a simple, delicious, and fun way to cook food off the grid. But fire isn't the only effective method of off-grid cooking. The sun itself can cook a tasty meal for you with the right tools and a little bit of patience.

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The Health Benefits of Gardening

Many people choose to take up gardening because they enjoy seeing (and eating) the fruits of their labor once their plants begin to grow. But the beauty of blooming flowers and the taste of organic home-grown produce are not the only rewards that can be reaped from gardening. So what are these other, "hidden" benefits of gardening?

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Water for Food Preservation: Everything You Need to Know

Traditional food preservation methods have been used over the years to protect food supplies from spoilage. Although these methods are effective, they have a negative impact on foods' taste and flavor. The modern day, enlightened consumer is no longer interested in the not-so-fresh flavors of food products that use chemical preservatives.

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