The Joys of Summertime Electric Vehicle Charging

One of my favorite things about summer is that I can charge my Tesla S-90 off of my home solar system and not deplete my energy.

In the Winter, and even in late Fall and early Spring, there just isn't enough power to charge my car given the amount of sun and the amount of hydroelectric power I generate from my home system.

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Winterizing Your Flooded Lead Acid Solar Batteries

Winterization is an important part of wet (flooded) cell battery maintenance. If your renewable energy system's battery bank uses wet (flooded) lead acid batteries, be sure to follow your battery manufacturer's maintenance guidelines (or ours here).

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Real Goods Installs Solar Water Pumping System for NorCal Vineyard

Northern California wine producer Bob Gloeckner decided he could no longer justify the cost of running a 240-volt AC submersible pump to irrigate his wine grape vineyard in the small town of Covelo, CA. So he contacted Real Goods - a Northern California institution when it comes to renewable energy - in the hopes that we might be able to offer a better solution for his irrigation needs.

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When Will a Solar Panel System Show an ROI for My Family?

Are lower (or nonexistent) utility bills, environmental stewardship, and energy independence enough to balance out an initial price tag of tens of thousands of dollars? Well, that depends on how soon your PV solar system starts to pay off.

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Real Goods Stands with Standing Rock and Will Provide Power

Real Goods is working with Michael Reppy, an activist with Earth Island Institute, to supply solar panels and a wind turbine to power a school at Sacred Stone Camp for pipeline protesters in North Dakota.

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Solar Farming and Solar Collectives: Will the Future of Energy Lie Within Communities?

The rise of affordable and attainable solar energy has been an exciting phase for environmental advocates as well as home and business owners seeking independence from utility companies. But working together to convert to clean energy can be even more effective — and cost-effective — than each of us individually making the shift to solar.

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