6 Thoughts About Social Distancing and Self-Sufficiency from the Off-Grid Living Experts

As a company born out of the "back-to-the-land" movement that spawned in part from the uncertainty and social anxiety of the 1960s and 1970s, Real Goods has always championed the merits of self-sufficiency and facilitated making it available to anyone who wants to achieve it. From this position, we think it's worth noting a few things about the strange times we're living in now due to the corona virus...

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KiloVault Unveils PLC Advanced Pure Lead Carbon Batteries

KiloVault has unveiled its new deep-cycle AGM battery: the PLC 2100. The PLC (Pure Lead Carbon) is designed for optimum performance in Partial State of Charge (PSoC) applications...

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KiloVault Unveils HAB Deep-Cycle Battery

KiloVault has unveiled their new series of wall-mount energy storage systems - the HAB. Designed for trouble-free mounting, the HAB provides a 7.5kWh battery in a single unit that can be wired in parallel with up to 13 others to provide up to 3.3mWh of storage per month...

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KiloVault Unveils CHLX Deep-Cycle Batteries

KiloVault, a provider of innovative and affordable residential and commercial renewable energy solutions, this week unveiled the new CHLX line of heavy-duty, Cold-Rated Lithium Batteries. The CHLX comes in 1,800 Wh and 3,600 Wh models, each capable of handling 150A of continuous charging/discharging...

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Learn the Basics of Solar at altE's 9th Annual Solar Installer Conference

The 9th annual altE Solar Installer Conference is just over a month away, and this year's conference will feature an optional day of training for both solar professionals and first time installers/DIY-ers the day before the two-day conference. Whether you need to learn the basics of solar or gain NABCEP training hours, these courses...

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altE Powers Holiday Lights at the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

After an underwater power cable failed in September 2019, the 20-year tradition of lighting the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse in Upstate New York with holiday lights was in doubt. While the lighthouse's navigation light was unaffected (it is powered by an existing PV system the Coast Guard had installed years ago), power for the decorative holiday lights needed a new source...

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