Net Zero Homes and the Future of Energy Consumption

Department of Energy issued a challenge to home builders: design more efficient living spaces. The DOE's Builders Challenge program focuses on the net zero home, or DOE Zero Energy Ready Home, a high-performance structure that generates at least as much energy as it pulls off the grid.

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How to Keep Warm this Winter (Without Freezing Your Wallet)

The cold winter months often mean heavy energy use, which is a drain both on natural resources and on your bank account. But there are steps you can take to mitigate this and keep warm in winter without freezing your wallet.

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Wood Stove Cookery

08/17/2016 16:02

Wood Stove Cookery

For anyone considering going off the grid, one decision they are faced with is how they'll cook meals since an electric range is out of the question. Most opt for a propane or gas stove. But there is another often overlooked and underutilized option - a wood burning cook stove.

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There are steps you can take to avoid natural disasters and stay safe if the worst happens. Ensuring you've got emergency water treatment options, an emergency power source, and first aid supplies is important for any outdoor adventure. But knowledge can be just as important, so keep the tips below in mind in case you ever find yourself caught in a flash flood, lightning storm, earthquake, or avalanche.

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Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is an obvious necessity for off-grid living, but why collect rainwater if you already have water available from the city or a well?

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